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Nobby Silikon slow feeder skál

Nobby Silikon slow feeder skál

Venjulegt verð 2.100 ISK
Venjulegt verð Söluverð 2.100 ISK
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Nobby Silikon slow feeder skál, stærð Ø16 x 4 cm, þyngd 220 gr


"Silicone Anti-Snare Bowl"
Are you tired of your dog gobbling down his food and then having problems with digestion? Then our silicone anti-gulping bowl is the perfect solution for you! With its unique "obstacles" inside the bowl, your dog's food is fed slowly and in a controlled manner, preventing gulping and thus ensuring healthy digestion. The large suction cup on the bottom of the bowl provides a stable grip on smooth surfaces without the bowl slipping or tipping over. The bowl is made of food-safe silicone and is odourless and tasteless, so your dog only tastes what he is actually supposed to eat. The bowl is suitable for both wet and dry food and can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher. With a size of Ø 16 x 4 cm, the bowl is suitable for dogs of all sizes.

Größe:    Ø16 x 4 cm
Gewicht:    220 g

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