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Nagbein INSECT DENTIES 180gr

Nagbein INSECT DENTIES 180gr

Venjulegt verð 900 ISK
Venjulegt verð Söluverð 900 ISK
Skattur innifalinn. Sendingarkostnaður reiknaður við kaup.

Nagbein INSECT DENTIES, 180gr poki (7stk)
Án landdýra prótína og því tilvalið fyrir ofnæmishunda

Nagbein fyrir allar stærðir hunda.
Frábær bein sem henta fyrir daglega tannhirðu.

Henta sérlega vel eldri hundum, hundum með viðkvæmar tennur eða tannhold því þau eru aðeins mýkri en hefðbundin hundabein.

  • The sustainable chew with insect protein for clean teeth 
  • The best of both worlds: sustainability and dental care combined. 
  • Clean teeth: cellulose supports everyday dental hygiene, the star-shaped design helps massage the gums. 
  • Sustainable great taste: with environmentally friendly insect protein as a unique source of animal protein. 
  • Climate-positive: through our forest conservation project in Tanzania, we offset 125% of our CO2 emissions.  

With the new InsectDog Denties from Green Petfood, you are supporting our planet – and your dog's teeth! We developed these sustainable, grain-free dental chews with the help of nutritionists and veterinarians – in Germany and only with the very finest ingredients. Of all the dog chews, this green superhero promotes chewing thanks to its star-shaped design and contains cellulose to offer exceptional support for everyday dental hygiene – with gum massage included! ​ 

Thanks to the insect protein, these delicious chews are not just great for your dog but for the planet too: insects require far fewer resources than conventional sources of animal protein. And there is another fantastic bonus: even sensitive pets can often tolerate insect protein very well. Ready to save the world AND your dog's teeth? Off we go! 

Framleiðandi: GREEN PETFOOD

Innihald:  dried potato; dried tapioca; insects 14.0 %; glycerine (of vegetable origin); potato starch; cellulose 4.0 %; minerals

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