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Rakkabindi Male wrap

Rakkabindi Male wrap

Venjulegt verð 2.990 ISK
Venjulegt verð Söluverð 2.990 ISK
Skattur innifalinn. Sendingarkostnaður reiknaður við kaup.

Margnota rakkabindi úr léttu örtrefjaefni.

Hentugt ef tík á heimilinu er á lóðaríi einnig ef rakkinn er að merkja inni. Hentar einnig hundum með þvagleka.

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It can be difficult managing a pet with urinary incontinence. Simple Solution Washable Male Wraps will protect your home from pee and restore peace of mind for you and your male dog. The super absorbent microfiber pad at the core of these diapers trap in moisture, while the stretchy waistband, and repositionable fasteners provide a secure fit for the wiggliest of dogs.

TAILORED TO FIT - For optimal fit, measure your dog's waist near his hind legs and refer to our new and improved sizing chart.
SUPER LEAK PROTECTION - These reusable dog diapers have a super-absorbent microfiber pad, a plastic liner for leak protection, and a repositionable closure to provide a secure fit.
TAIL WAGGING COMFORT - Your dog will stay dry and comfy with a moisture-wicking liner that that protects his skin and coat, and a stretch waistband allows even the wiggliest of boy dogs to move around while staying dry.
USEFUL VERSATILITY - Made for male dogs that are house training or who experience excitable urination, incontinence, or male marking issues. Makes traveling with such a dog way less stressful.
SIMPLE AND CONVENIENT - Contains 1 machine-washable wrap per package. For female dogs, use Simple Solution Washable Female Dog Diapers.

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