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Contact bootie high

Contact bootie high

Venjulegt verð 4.090 ISK
Venjulegt verð Söluverð 4.090 ISK
Skattur innifalinn. Sendingarkostnaður reiknaður við kaup.
The Contact bootie high provide excellent contact between your dog's paw and the surface. They allow natural expansion and movement of the paw which is particularly important during longer distances.

The elastic hook and loop fasteners ensure a secure fit and comfort for your dog.

Through more than a decade, dog mushers and adventurers have tested our booties on a distance that equals six times around the Earth. Together, we have found the ideal material to protect the paw, provide excellent durability* and comfort.

The Contact bootie high is sold in packs of four. They are available in the color orange, in sizes 3XS-2XL to fit active dogs of all shapes and sizes.
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