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Vetbed STRIPES 75x50

Vetbed STRIPES 75x50

Venjulegt verð 4.640 ISK
Venjulegt verð Söluverð 4.640 ISK
Skattur innifalinn. Sendingarkostnaður reiknaður við kaup.

DryBed VETBED stripes eru fallegar mynstraðar mottur og marglitar
Ólíkir litir í boði
75cm X 50cm

VetBed eru mjúkar, rakadrægar og ofnæmisprófaðar mottur með stömu "non-slip" undirlagi. Tilvalin motta í búr, á gólf, í bílinn eða í sumarbústaðinn og ferðalagið.

VetBed DryBed má setja í þvottavél á allt að 40 gráður en þola illa þurrkara svo best er að hengja mottuna upp til þerris.

DRYBED Premium Vet Bed with anti-slip backing

DRYBEDS/VETBEDS are durable veterinary blankets, suitable for everyday use. They are characterized by unique properties and are suitable for animals of all ages.

- pile height: approx. 28 mm
- they are breathable and resistant to water and moisture, so the animal is always dry
- meets the highest hygiene requirements and is hypoallergenic
- can be cut to the required size
- an excellent choice for use on cold or slippery surfaces, such as laminate, paving, parquet, or the bottom of plastic beds or transport boxes
- durable with a latex anti-slip layer
- preserves body heat
- material: hollow fiber, 100% polyester

Possibilities of use:
Transportation: use in cars, in transport boxes or cages.

Puppies: keep the bitch and puppies warm and dry, insulates them from the cold ground. Thanks to the release of moisture, it ensures that even during the period when the puppies defecate in the whelping box, they remain dry. At the same time, it provides puppies with support during their first attempts to walk and thus supports the proper development of the joints.

Senior animals: senior animals enjoy the high comfort and increased mobility offered by this bed thanks to the ability of hollow fiber to accumulate heat. It is also an excellent helper in the fight against bruises.

Recumbent animals: veterinarians also use these blankets in veterinary clinics and recommend its use for animals requiring pre- or post-operative care.

Maintenance: suitable for washing in a washing machine up to 40 °C, without the use of fabric softener (the hollow fiber would "clog" and transmit moisture less well), you can remove any odour by adding proven ODOR LIQUIDATOR for washing, it is recommended not to dry DRYBED in direct sunlight or in a dryer.

Made in Great Britain.

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